Homemade Pumpkin Purée

by Nanny Bubby

When your first introduction to any food is from a can you immediately assume that it is just way too complicated to make it fresh by yourself. I love cooking with pumpkin because I love Thanksgiving, it is without question, my favorite holiday. However, I have never really liked the taste of canned pumpkin, but I used it anyways because I didn’t know there was an alternative. When I learned for the first time how truly easy roasting and pureeing my own fresh pie pumpkins was, it was an absolute GAME CHANGER! And, it is so easy, I am not sure why anyone would ever want canned pumpkin once you taste the difference. Enjoy!

Total Time:

45 minutes




  • 2 2-3 lb. “pie” pumpkins or “sugar” pumpkins
  • 3 Tbsp. of avocado oil


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