I’m Nanny Bubby

And I want to help bring families home to themselves.

Home is the center of our world.

It’s where we discover who we are and what we need to be happy. Home is where we’re nourished and cared for. It’s where love takes root and grows. 

 I learned to cook later in life, so I see the miracle of it with fresh eyes and an open heart. The amazing beauty of taking raw vegetables – grown in my garden – and transforming them into a delicious meal. The joy of a warming pot of soup simmering on the stove. The comforting aroma of bread baking in the oven. The glimmer I feel in my soul when I bring my family and friends together around the food I place on the table for them. There is nothing like it. 

As soon as I learned to cook, I learned to grow. 

In more ways than one. I built a backyard “Victory Garden” where I tend to my herbs and vegetables. It’s a bounty of abundance, and it makes me so happy to go outside with my sunhat and shovel and gardening tools to reap what I have sown. I love watching the seeds I planted flourish into vibrant, living things. As I bring my beautiful herbs and vegetables into my kitchen to wash and arrange them on my counter, I marvel at life.


In my life I have learned to bring my attention and energy to two things most of all:

What I receive

(the bounty all around me)

and what I can give

(with total love).


If we focus on love, togetherness, creativity and abundance, I believe we can lead the next generation into a better future. A life shaped by the pure delight we pour into growing, preparing and enjoying wholesome, nourishing food with the people around us.  A life spread with love.

Let’s Spread Love Like Butter

Gardening is all about nuturing and growth.

Cooking is how we show love and gratitude.